NCOALink® Move Update Services from CAS

USPS NCOALink® 18 month 48 month move update software

CAS is a USPS NCOALink Licensee

Otherwise known as National Change of Address, NCOALink 18 or 48 month update service will help you meet the USPS Move Update requirements for a period of 95 days from the date of processing allowing you to qualify mailings for First Class ™ and Standard Mail® postage discounts.

We'll identify those "change of address" customer records before your next mailing and meet USPS Move Update requirements. As a USPS NCOALink licensee, we know how important it is to keep your customer's address data up-to-date, BEFORE you mail.

best list broker Each and every year, approximately 45,000,000 Americans will move their place of residence.

CAS has the solution. The NCOALink processing systems allow us to provide current change of address information that can help reduce your undeliverable mail. Standardizing & addressing errors are identified and corrected BEFORE mail enters the US Postal System.

Effective marketers use NCOALink to save thousands of dollars that would have been spent on wasted materials and postage. In addition, your valuable customer and prospect records that would have been lost can be updated to receive current and future mailings.

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data processing service companyIn many cases it makes sense to "bundle" together multiple services in order to maximize data accuracy and deliverability. At CAS, we offer a full menu of data hygiene products.

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