Guaranteed Open Email Delivery

Guaranteed Open Email
Deployment Program

The "Guaranteed Open” e-mail program is a unique marketing tool that ensures your E-mail message will be opened and viewed. Using the "Guaranteed Open” program you pay for a specific number of "emails opened" as opposed to paying for the number of "emails sent".  We will deploy your creative in segments continuing until the purchased number of emails are opened.

Unlike traditional e-mail marketing strategies, the "Guaranteed Open” e-mail program allows you to reach a large audience, create brand awareness, and ultimately drive traffic to your website at an economical rate.

PROS: A Guaranteed Open Email Campaign drives your email campaign ensuring that your e-mail message is seen by your prospects. The Guaranteed Open option allows you to rotate multiple e-mail creative messages allowing you to target the most effective testing platform. Whether you are looking for effective website branding, launching a new website, or promoting a new product or sale, the Guaranteed Open Email Campaign drives a significant amount of traffic to your website.

CONS: The Guaranteed Open email campaign does have certain limitations regarding the amount of targeting you are able to accomplish. You can segment your list to target either Consumer Emails or Business Emails, however you can’t target specific demographics or selections. Geography must be nation wide as you can’t saturate certain states or cities.

WHAT LISTS ARE AVAILABLE: Select Consumer Emails addresses or Business Email addresses.

SOURCES: The guaranteed open email address marketing files are compiled from over 2,000 third party contributing websites.

OPEN RATE: The Open Rate is not measured for this option. With the Guaranteed Open Campaign, you purchase a specific number of "opens".

For example, if you want to get 35,000 "Opens" in your campaign, we will continue to deploy your email campaign, regardless of quantity, until 35,000 emails have been opened.

CLICK THRU RATE: The Click Thru Rate is not measured for this option. With the Guaranteed Open Campaign, you purchase a specific number of "opens".

PRICING AND MINIMUM: Pricing depends on quantity of opened emails and other factors.  Click Here for our contact information or to request an free email price quote.

CAN-SPAM COMPLIANT: Yes, 100% - All Email Campaigns offered by CAS are CAN Spam compliant.

OTHER EMAIL OPTIONS: See our Single Opt-In Email Campaign or our Double Opt-In Email Campaign

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