Why we're the best company for quality marketing data...

1)   We're Fast & Easy

Not only are we easy on the eyes, but we make your data quest easy as well. You just sit back and kick your feet up. We’ll take care of the dirty work. Call one of your favorite sales reps, tell us what you need, and we'll find it for  you. We’ve got that superman speed you’re looking for.  Sure, Superman is fast, but there’s a reason we call our online list count & order system "Turbo-Marketing”.

2)   We're Flexible

So we took a poll around the office, and it's not surprising that nobody around here can touch their toes.... however, when it comes to our flexibility working with data, we make heads turn. With our in-house data center and our development team, we have the resources of a large organization with the flexibility to bend over backwards to create custom solutions for you.

3)   We're Affordable

Just to be clear, there is a big difference between being "affordable" and "cheap", and we are not cheap. We believe in the old phrase "you get what you pay for”. Our company's philosophy is based on quality and service. Some companies may take advantage of your wallet and provide solutions that help their bottom dollar but not yours. We provide top notch data at a very competitive price. Our best advice, DON'T buy the cheapest data you can find. We'll show you exactly where affordable data meets quality.

4)   We Love Our Moms! (and our Dads)

 Not only do we have our Midwestern charm, we conduct ourselves with the highest levels of morals and values.  I know we’re not supposed to brag, but we’ve won multiple awards from the BBB (Better Business Bureau of Nebraska / Iowa) for Honesty and Integrity, which also compliments our BBB A+ rating.  Don’t take our word for it, you can look us up on the BBB.  Click Here to check us out at the BBB  Our mothers’s taught us well.   Did we mention that we recently won the INC5000 award from INC magazine..... OOPS we’re bragging again.

5)   We'll Help You Understand

A little confused about the rules on Do Not Call, CAN-SPAM act, or changes made by the US Postal Service? No problem, they don’t call us Data Experts for nothing! We have the knowledge and are ready and waiting for your call. No question or task is beneath us. We’re the experts, let us guide you.

6)   We're Better Than the Big Boys

By "big boys” we are referring to credit bureaus, 100 million +, and multi-divisional companies. Why we’re better? First things first, our sales reps combined have an average of 10 or more years of experience. Two, the "big boys” sell you what they have, not necessarily what you need. We give you the best of both worlds. Most of our data is multi-sourced meaning we find and compile the best data from multiple resources. The outcome: our clients receive better coverage and more accuracy.

7)   Our Mailing Lists Are Online

We have a website that does all sorts of great things, WHOOPEE! Who doesn’t, right? Whether you run counts yourself or we do it for you, our systems allow you quick access. Also, with a more functional way to access data our online solution is better than anything out there. Don’t take our word for it, go check it out! You think it, we can do it. Questioning our speed?   Refer back to #1.

8)   We're ISO9001 Certified

So you're thinking that ISO9001 Certification sounds pretty boring.  You're probably right, HOWEVER, we think it’s pretty important. If you need a warm & fuzzy to buy our data, here’s our convincer for you. In order to be ISO9001 certified, we follow strict processes in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. If you ever have any problem, regardless how big or small, we'll find a solution. We’ll research the issue, determine the source of the problem, (if any), and find a solution, update our process to improve our products going forward, and we always provide the results to our customer. Most importantly, we always make it right in the end. That's our ISO process in a nutshell. Yeah, it's pretty important in our world.

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